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Alpine Retreat Property ref : C1001
Alpine Retreat
Les Houches

Prix: 1,120,000

Floor area: 228m2 Land area: 2300m2

An exceptionally exciting opportunity. A superb renovated Farmhouse (with 4 spacious bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and 2 large reception rooms) plus 3 adjoining one-bedroom apartments in a beautiful low maintenance garden.  Currently a well established self-catering business alongside a family home,...

  • Property Type : Chalet
  • Bedrooms : 7
  • Bathrooms : 6
  • Log fire 

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Those commission fees typically range from 5 to 10% of the value of your property depending upon the sales price.

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  • Both parties then sign a "Compromis de Vente". We recommend doing this in front of the notaire.  
  • The buyer then pays their deposit and arranges their financing.  The deposit is normally 5-10% of the final sales price.

The Dossier de Diagnostic Technique are professional surveys for termites, asbestos, lead, the condition of the electrical wiring, the energy efficiency of the property, etc. This dossier must be provided to the notaire by the seller.  If the seller has not presented it at the signing of the Compromis de Vente, then it MUST be presented before the completion.  

From the 1st January 2011, every property that is being advertised - by an estate agent, or the owner - must have been tested for energy efficiency (DPE). This should be paid for by the seller and will cost on average 150 to 200 euros and is valid for 10 years. Once you have signed up to the site, we will automatically send you a list of companies in the Haute Savoie that can perform these diagnostic tests, if they have not already been done.

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